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NO.1 Simon plays a video game four times. His game scores are 18 points, 27 points, 12 points, and
15 points.
How many points must Simon score in his fifth game in order for the mean, median, and mode of the
games to equal each other?
A. 21 points
B. 18 points
C. 12 points
D. 15 points
E. 27 points
Answer: B

SAT-Mathematics 費用   SAT-Mathematics 予想   
For the median and mode to equal each other, the fifth score must be the same as one of the first
and, it must fall in the middle position when the five scores are ordered. Therefore, Simon must have
scored either 15 or 18 points in his fifth game. If he scored 15 points, then his mean score would have
been greater than 15: 17.4. Simon scored 18 points in his fifth game, making the mean, median, and
mode for the five games equal to 18.

NO.2 Eggs Found in a Hunt Over Time
The scatter plot above shows how many eggs were found in a hunt over time. Which of the labeled
represents a number of eggs found that is greater than the number of minutes that has elapsed?
A. D
B. C
C. A
D. E
E. B
Answer: D

SAT-Mathematics 取得   
The point that represents a number of eggs found that is greater than the number of minutes that
elapsed is the point that has a y value that is greater than its x value. Only point E lies farther from
horizontal axis than it lies from the vertical axis. At point E, more eggs have been found than the
of minutes that has elapsed.

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